Humanity is still pretty awesome sometimes

First off, thanks to all of you who sent me very kind words of thanks and praise for yesterday’s post on my September 11 remembrances.  Thanks to a few folks who were kind of enough to share that post with family and friends, it is far and away the most read and shared piece that I have ever published here. I’d like to share something that happened because of one of those shares. It was a small gesture that makes you feel good about people, even on a day that symbolizes some of the worst that mankind has to offer.

One of the folks who read that post yesterday evidently liked it enough to explore a few more pages on the blog, and came across some of my posts on the MS 150 ride and the link to my donation page for the ride. It turns out that her mother has MS as well, and, after reading bit she decided to make the first donation that I’ve collected for the ride next April. Now, keep in mind that I do not know this person, and we have no direct connection other than a mutual friend, a blog post and a relative with MS, but she still saw fit to make a generous donation to a stranger.

A kind and generous act to help support a stranger. When you think about it, shouldn’t that be the part of 9/11 that we choose to remember and honor with our actions on a daily basis? Not the acts of wickedness, brutality and rage, but the countless acts by men and woman who gave something of themselves that day, in some cases, all they had to give, to help strangers in need of help or comfort?

I do know this: on those days when I don’t feel up to riding or start to get tired on the bike and feel like cutting things short, I’ll think about a stranger who chose to support me and what my riding means to her mom and anyone of suffers from MS. And I’ll keep on pedaling.



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  1. Some feel too much is made 11 years later, but we should not forget. Thanks for your expressed sentiments.
    I know many Canadians, Gander in particular, will long remember the day.

    9-11 Gander, operation Yellow Ribbon.

    Canadians too died 9-11 and sadly we haven’t yet put up any monument.

    Ont. Canada.

    (Married to Linda)

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