The worst thing I’ve ever heard: “bacon shortage”

A couple of random things for you. First, the bad news. The really, really bad news. A trade group is claiming that a worldwide bacon shortage is now “unavoidable” due mainly to global failures of crops used to feed that magical animal, the pig.

Check this out:

Btw, to the guy who made the sarcastic comment on Twitter about hipsters putting bacon in cocktails, we got issues my friend.

Long live the Ravenous Old Fashion.

Let us all just hope and pray that this catastrophe of NFL replacement ref proportions can be avoided.

Want some happier news? What if I were to offer proof to you what Radiohead have magic superpowers. Check out this video below.

Now, you tell me. What was the more impressive feat in this clip: the fact that Thom Yorke apparently can spot medical emergencies in the midst of a packed crowd from the stage or that the band picks up exactly where they left off in the midst of a pretty complicated song without skipping a beat? The latter I think.

Finally, I know this was is a coincidence, but it is spooky nonetheless. Check out the reader stats on my blog on September 11 of this year.

That image remind you of anything?

If you will excuse me now, I’m off to horde some salted pork.



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  1. So on those 2 days surrounding 9/11 you had 3.5 readers, and most days before and after you had less than 1? I didn’t realize I was surrounded by such a huge group of Lomas followers 🙂 Couldn’t resist.

  2. I read you every time, Jimmy. I guess I am the less than 1 🙂

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