Whirlwind weekend in pictures

Ever had one of those weekends that had so much going on that you were actually somewhat relieved when it was over and happy to get back to work? Yeah, me neither. Last weekend was packed to bursting but a lot of fun.

We were up before the sun getting ready for our neighborhood yard sale. It was supposed to start at 8:00 AM, but as usual there were folks prowling around well before 7:00 AM. A large part of me really dislikes the whole yard sale process, but it’s such a good opportunity to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society that I can’t pass up participating, despite annoyances. And I’m proud to say that we were able to raise $200 towards that cause with our sale.

(Obligatory plug, you of course can donate online and help me raise money for the Bike MS: The Citrus Tour 2013 by clicking Donate! link at the top right of this page.)

One of the advantages of being up at this hour in Central Florida is that you get to see things like this.

Just another random rocket launch.

I bugged out of the sale early after everything was setup and running and took one of the little men to the mall to buy some shoes, which he seems to need about every other week these days. It should give you some indication about how much I dislike yard sales that I voluntarily went to the mall instead. Got to give the kid credit though, he picked out some pretty cool shoes.

The Amazing Spiderman – in shoe form.

New shoes in hand, we rolled back to the house to pick up the rest of the family and headed down to Disney for the evening. During the course of the week I had to break not one, but two promises to my kids because of work commitments, and that is something that I find not very cool at all. To make it up to them, I booked a night at the Contemporary hotel at Disney for everyone so that we could kick back by the pool and take in some fireworks that evening. There’s no better place in town for those things than the Contemporary.

Nice view, eh?

Millions of dollars of theme park rides are literally a few hundred yards away, and all they care about is the water slide. Good for them.

Me and the kiddos. Yes, I wear goggles in the pool. Make fun all you want, it beats losing a contact every 5 minutes.

View of the Contemporary back from the pool.

All cleaned up and kicking back. Spoiled rotten, ain’t they?

After hitting the pool, we tried one of the restaurants at Disney that we had not yet been to, The Wave of American Flavors. Fairly terrible name, but a pretty good restaurant. One of the really quality things they had was a wine flight that included a card with a name and description of each wine that you were sampling. The restaurant focuses on locally sourced produce and ingredients and everything we had was quite good. It’s a Disney place of course so it was loud and there were tons of kids, but there’s always Victoria and Albert at the Grand Floridian and California Grill upstairs at the Contemporary if you want to pay a premium for no/fewer kids.

In the blue tinted waiting room for a few minutes waiting for our table.

The pinot noir wine flight. Very cool presentation.

Who doesn’t like make your own sundaes? Certainly not this guy.

Taking in the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the hotel. The bad iphone pics don’t really do the awesome view here justice. Amazing.

This makes the location “surcharge” for the Contemporary totally worth it.

My son Brandon and I got up early to hit the parks while Mrs. Lo and Byron lounged around and had some room service breakfast. This left Brandon free to consume a cinnamon roll the size of Rhode Island.

That’s the roll after he worked on it for 20 minutes or so.

We hit Buzz Lightyear, the Speedway, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain (for the first time for Brandon, me for the first time in many, many years for me. Quote of the day from B: “Space Mountain is not my jam.”) in less than an hour. Fall at Disney rocks crowd-wise, even if it was still 1000 degrees out. After packing up and reluctantly leaving, Mrs. Lo and I headed out to the release party for The Ravenous Pig’s very awesome cookbook. Bacon infused Old Fashions and Smoked Sturgeon is definitely a solid way to round out your day. Afterward, we stopped off at Redlight, Redlight to see their new space on Corrine. Liked it a lot, even if it is a bit brighter than we’re used to on a RL2 visit.

Extremely cool. I know what a good number of you are getting for Christmas this year. Couldn’t be happier for all of the very deserved success these guys are having.

I’m a bit exhausted just recalling all of that. Whew.




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  1. See, I do read you EVERY time 🙂

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