Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival 2012

I took the entire week off this week for a little staycation. Much like the last time I did this, my goal for this week was to avoid as much responsibility as I could and do as little as possible, and I’m happy to report that I have been quite successful on this front. Other than volunteering at the kids’ school a bit and watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix, about the only thing I’ve managed to do this week is make our annual trip of extreme gluttony, aka, the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Here’s the photo heavy wrap up.

Mrs. Lo and I started with a trip to the Festival Welcome Center to purchase gift cards (it is way easier to use these while making the rounds instead of cash or debit/credit cards) and have our traditional prosecco toast. This event coincides with our anniversary each year, so that toast allows us to mark another year off the calendar as well as kick off the day in style. We couldn’t have picked a better day to go, as the sun was shining brightly and the crowds were sparse on a Tuesday afternoon.

Roll the food porn. After hitting the craft beer stop for an IPA, first up was Greece and Canada.

Griddled Greek cheese with honey drizzle and pistachios. This was new to the festival this year and freaking outstanding. Definitely a keeper.

Another new addition this year: a filet of beef with truffle butter and mushrooms from Canada. Very tasty, but filet is not my first choice of red meat.

After that warmup, we hit our favorite section of the festival, the tasty murder’s row of Ireland, France, and Belgium.

I wait all year for this: Scallop and lobster pie with a beautiful pint of Guinness. It’s just as good as the first time I had it.

Vive la France! Coq a vin, escargot, and a glass of Burgundy. So much goodness here.

Nothing says goodness like mussels and a Belgium Witte. There may have been an extended nap at this point.

After the nap that may or may not have taken place, we quick took it easy and did some window shopping at the next several booths, only stopping a couple of times until we hit America for a Samuel Adams sampler flight.

An unexpected treat, a grilled scallop on a curry puree with radishes and green apples. Light and delicious with a glass of Riesling. This was from New Zealand.

What’s the worst part of the Food and Wine festival? Without a doubt it is the “Eat to the Beat” concert series. Did you know Hanson were still around? Yeah, me neither.

Hey, look at that! We made it past Hanson unscathed and shared a lobster roll with a Sam Adams flight. The roll was awesome, the flight was decent but nothing spectacular. Best was probably the cherry wheat on the bottom right.

After the lobster roll we wound down a bit and watched the American experience show, which I expect to receive an edit fairly soon due to the fairly prominent placement of one Lance Armstrong. Nothing to see here, let’s move on.

Cheddar with a honey drizzle, blue with a cranberry toast, goat Brie and berry, with a small pour of Riesling on the side. Yum. And yes that plate is sitting on top of a trash can. You have to improvise sometimes at Food and Wine.

For the finale, a bit of a disappointment. The grilled lamb chop with an overpowering mint pesto with potato crunchies. Personally I think lamb is pretty much perfect as is, so it definitely didn’t need such an overpowering pesto on top. Fortunately by scraping a bit of the pesto off it was pretty much excellent. Free the lamb!

And with that, another great trip to Epcot’s Food and Wine festival was over. Until next year. Or maybe Sunday – I’m still pretty hungry.








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  1. Yum! And completely on his own, my 13 yr old is now addicted to Parks & Rec. He is up to season 3 on Netflix.

  2. I literally just gained six pounds reading this, negating any goodness my 30 mile ride today might have provided. Well played Lomas, well played.

  3. I cannot sleep. And now I am hungry 🙂

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