Currently Spinning: Toro y Moi “Anything in Return”

If you are one of the unfortunate folks that follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, you probably already know about my recent infatuation with Toro y Moi’s latest record, “Anything in Return.” (As well as my borderline unhealthy obsession with Downton Abbey – Lady Sybil, no! – and penchant for rubbing in everyone’s faces how beautiful the weather in Florida is this time of year. Whoops, can’t help myself.) The Columbia, SC native (hey, my home state did something cool culturally for once!) has, simply put, made one of my favorite pop/chill out records in long time, and after a week of near continuous play I’m showing no signs of growing the least bit tired of it. It’s easily my favorite pop record since Robyn’s Body Talk records a couple of years ago.

The title of this post is not a lie, I’m currently spinning this on the turn table and listening to it one more time today (through my awesome new headphones) before turning in for the night.

Check out the video for the first single below and then get thyself to your local record shop or the online shopping interface of your choice and buy for yourself.



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  1. Already listened on Spotify…thanks to your recommendation. 🙂

  2. I really really really like this album, which has honestly been my first exposure to Toro y Moi. And the other video – the one for “Say That” – cracks me up. Here’s my review of the album if you’re interested:

    And Robyn is the best 🙂

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