Who is rolling in your posse?

Ok, one of those fun little discussion points came up in conversation this evening that I like to think about way too much and end up turning into a rambling, over long blog post. Oh well. Anyway, the topic was, if you suddenly found yourself rich and moving in the same circles as the famous and elite, who would you want in your “posse” when you hit Vegas for a night on the town or take in the Super Bowl from a suite? (Anyone older than 50, a posse is kind of like the Rat Pack).

Now, keep in the mind that these aren’t necessarily people you’d be friends with every day and you don’t even necessarily have to like them, but rather these are the people who are cool enough to get you into the elite restaurants and clubs or would just be entertaining to spend a night hanging out and getting chased by paparazzi and playing high stakes black jack at the Bellagio. For purposes of the discussion said person had to be alive, and, in tribute to the Rat Pack, all guys in our case, but you are free to make your own posse a mixed group or all female for that matter, it’s a personal choice.

After way too much thought and deliberation, here are the five who I chose (and I know they will be ecstatic at their inclusion in this most elite of lists):

Billy Murray (the captain of our posse. In fact, I am naming this group the Bill Murray All Stars in his honor). Come on, does anybody seem more fun than Bill? His cameo in Zombieland alone makes me want to hang out with him.

Justin Timberlake – This generation’s Sinatra. He’s a multi-talented threat: he can sing, dance, act, and would definitely attract the ladies to your table. (Editor’s note: I’m married so this doesn’t part doesn’t matter to me. Ha! Almost typed that with a straight face.)

Leo DiCaprio – Seriously, our cool factor just went up my 1000%. Dude’s a star, plain and simple. Plus, he’s got the same side benefit as JT.

Bill Clinton – The man is a rock star. Even if you can’t stand him politically you’ll admit deep in the depths of your soul that you know the night would be more fun with him around.

Aaron Paul – Brings some useful vitality to the group. I’ve never seen anybody who seems to be enjoying fame more than he is (His twitter is full of “hey, look at me, partying with Pierce Brosnan at Radiohead!” type moments.)

Honorable mention: Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Seth Rogan, Chuck Klosterman, Mario Batali, Matt Damon, Dame Maggie Smith (the Dowager Countess can roll in my group anytime.)

Ok, now for the flip side, and quite frankly, this part is more fun to think about. In this parallel universe, if you have a posse of cool, there has to be an antithesis to it, your anti-posse. These aren’t necessarily people who are evil or bad or anything (so no fair picking serial killers or North Korean dictators or anything like that), but rather are just super annoying and people you’d avoid even if you stood to get a prime table at Nobu by putting up with them.

Guy Fieri (“aka, the human cheese fry”): I think this one is self-explanatory. This group is the Human Cheese Fry Low Stars.

Vince the Slap Chop/Sham Wow Guy: Again, I think this one is self-explanatory. Or at least I hope it is if you’ve ever seen him on TV.

Alex Rodriguez: I don’t want to subject myself to a potential raid from the feds during my nights out. (feel free to substitute Lance Armstrong here)

Dwight Howard: He’d get to the place you were going, seemingly enjoy himself, and then demand a trade to another posse. No thanks.

Donald Trump: I don’t want to have to carry my birth certificate around everywhere I go.

So, there you go. This is what I spend my time thinking about most days.

Who is in your posse? Who did we miss?


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  1. So Bill Murray has a house in Charleston. My brother lives there, and he ran into him once. He was hanging out at a bar, and apparently he had the look of a homeless person. Some idiotic souls attempted to converse w/him. He was not pleased. My bro stayed far away from him.

    I also read somewhere (probably EW, because that is where all my pop cultural knowledge comes from) that in order to solicit his involvement in a movie you are making, you have to send him a FAX. He may or may not respond.

    Good luck enlisting him for your posse! 🙂

  2. I’d have to have Mark Walberg and Rob Dyrdek in my posse. Gotta include Mark Grace and John Kruk. As if that’s not enough I’d include Mark Cuban.

  3. Wow, this is fun.
    I will lead with Affleck, only because I have spent at least 10 hours with him in very close one on one situations, and he is a blast. I also played high stakes poker with him ($20,000 per seat) and that was a blast, mostly because of the dynamics he brings to the table. He definitely makes the list.
    I believe Bill Simmons must make the list, if only for the snarky comments and his ability to relate anything we run into that night culturally with all kind of interesting options.
    I’d also go with Charles Barkley.
    For the last two, I will go with sentimental choices:
    Bono-he may get kicked off the bus after an hour if he starts preaching but I’m willing to give him a chance
    C Ronaldo-If you want babes, and want to bring an international intrigue that US folks aren’t used to, he’s your dude. I miss watching him on a weekly basis based on Cox’s partiality to EPL but good gosh, my wife once agreed that I had a man crush on this guy. And yes, I typed that.

    • We talked about Simmons but then decided that his nasally voice would drive us all crazy so he just missed he cut.

      You must know that I, as a City fan, despise that diving p*** C Ronaldo with all the fury of a million women scorned, so I can only assume that his inclusion is your attempt to get me riled up. I refuse to take the bait.

  4. I am laughing re: Simmons’ nasal. He does a decent job on the ESPN NBA show w/ Magic and Wilbon if you haven’t seen those yet….
    And re: Ronaldo, you just have to embrace him. I’ve never seen an athlete simply be so better than everyone else, he could toy with them. Van Persie is threatening to have the same impact as Ronaldo but is in no way the same flair player. CR would toy with players to the point where they would shove him, happily accepting the yellow card, just to make a point. Dive? Yes. But thrill with his speed, dribbling, and flair? Sign me up.

  5. I’m liking Charles Barkley more and more.

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