Currently Spinning: Local Natives, Buke and Gase, Radar Brothers, and My Bloody Valentine

Well 2013, you are certainly shaping up to be a fantastic year for new music. I’ve already raved about one of your early highlights recently, and now you’ve gone and dropped a handful of additional great to pretty good new releases within the first month of the year. Keep them coming, please.

Local Natives – Hummingbird

This record is quickly on its way to becoming my favorite record so far this year, which, given my earlier praise for Toro y Moi’s “Anything in Return” is pretty impressive. There’s a more upbeat Walkmen or The National vibe going on here, without being overly derivative. Definitely seek this one out.

Buke and Gase – General Dome

I’ll admit to a couple of things here. One, I had never heard of this duo until a couple of weeks ago. Two, I really don’t have any idea how to classify or adequately describe their music. It’s somewhat folky yet loud and punky, like White Stripes, Avett Brothers and Bjork fell into a blender and came out the other end. All I know is that I dig it.

Radar Brothers – Eight

Ah, the good folks at Merge Records rarely disappoint. This is a really solid record from a band with a history of them. Some pretty great indie rock with a serious nod to Neil Young and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys.

My Bloody Valentine – mbv

The first new album from NBV since 1991’s “Loveless” dropped seemingly out of nowhere Saturday night and features nine tracks that break down very easily into thirds. The first three tracks continue the sound established on “Loveless,” while the next three sound so much like what preceded it that it numbs you into “meh.” The final third though blast out of the speakers like a revelation, especially the relentless instrumental track “Nothing Is.”  Purchase the album in your choice of formats on the MBV site.

Happy listening. Anything that I’ve missed so far this year?



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