Links for a lazy Friday

I had a day off work today and, other than watching House of Cards and riding, I didn’t do much else other than chase down some a bunch of links on the computer, a few of which I wanted to share with you.

First off, a great clip of The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy teaming up with Ben Gibbard and Peter Buck on my favorite REM ballad, You Are The Everything. Best part of all was Meloy’s fanboy reaction on Twitter.

Next is a great interview with my favorite guitarist ever, Johnny Marr. His new album drops February 25 and to say I’m anticipating this one a lot is a colossal understatement. Here’s the first two songs off the record. Turn it up loud and bask in the awesome Marr-ness of it all.

As a bonus, if you like the guitar at all, watch this video and enjoy. Dude manages to use the term “riff-tastic” and not sound like a complete moron. I could listen to him talk about guitars all day.

And finally, just read this as long as you have an hour or so to spare laughing. Leonard is my new hero.

Shameless plug time. If you’d like to help fight MS and support me on the Bike MS: The Citrus Tour 2013, you can click the donate link on the upper right of this page, or check out my Tunes for Charity page to pick up some of my old cds that I’m selling to raise money for the event.



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  1. Did you finish House of Cards? If so, ready and willing to discuss! 🙂

  2. Let me know what you think. And didn’t you love Ron’s taking over the talk show on Parks & Rec?

  3. Every line he uttered: gold. How about his hangover advice? Eat a steak fried in butter, go to be w/wet socks. 🙂

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