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I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around in my head for blog posts, but quite frankly none of them are as compelling as sitting here on the couch, drinking coffee and listening to records (For the record, we’re spinning The Fabulous Johnny Cash, The Decemberists’ The King is Dead, this blog’s namesake, and Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted). So, instead of taking a few of these and fleshing them out into some type of coherent writing, I’m giving you the brain dump version instead. Like I always say, you get you what you pay for from me.

Spouse pro tip: If you are going to spend the morning sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and listening to records, you probably shouldn’t complain to your wife that her manual labor in the kitchen loading the dishwasher is “ruining your tranquil vibe.” On an unrelated note, anyone know where I can get a fork painlessly removed from the back of my head?…

I listened to all of Justin Timerlake’s 20/20 Experience a couple of times this week and here’s the official JLo verdict: It’s the closest anyone has come to replicating one of the classic Stevie Wonder albums from the early-mid 70s (Talking Book, Songs in the Key of Life, etc). It’s sprawling and ambitious beyond belief, far more so than any other contemporary mainstream pop artist this side of Kanye West has dared attempt. Not all of it works (I”m looking at you, Spaceship Coupe), but when it does, like the opening duo of Pusher Love Girl and Suit & Tie, it’s pretty awesome stuff…

Another record that I’m currently enjoying is Low’s Invisible Way. Add it to the list of early best of 2013 contenders. It’s layered, gorgeous, and  smoldering and just all around fabulous. Seek it out…

Also thoroughly enjoying Johnny Marr The Messenger, David Bowie The Next Day, William Tyler Impossible Truth, Atoms For Peace AMOK, and Robyn Hitchcock Love From London

New music from The National coming in May!

Can we all just agree that if everyone would just the exact opposite of everything GOOP advises, that the world would probably be a much nicer and far less pretentious place? We good with that? Thanks…

Friday night’s World Cup qualifier between the US and Costa Rica was by far one of the funnest things I’ve ever watched…

Football in the snow. What's not to like?

Football in the snow. What’s not to like? And that’s before the snowfall got bad.

SPOILER ALERT: I really enjoyed House of Cards as a whole, but there were a couple of things that really annoyed me about it: 1.) So, the only way any female journalist becomes successful is by sleeping with powerful men? Really? Thought that was a bit too cliched for such an otherwise well written show. 2.) I didn’t really buy the fact that Frank Underwood would outright murder Peter Russo. Sure, he’s manipulative, treacherous, and deceitful in the extreme, but murder just seems a bridge too far. And yes I realize that the opening scene with the dog was supposed to foreshadow the depths to which he would sink, but still, it just didn’t strike me as consistent with the character. Maybe series 2 will change my mind. The show is fantastic regardless…

Speaking of good TV, I can’t believe I’m writing this, but kudos to The Walking Dead for pulling off two great episodes recently that I thought were completely out of its reach after last season (aka, the Snoozefest on the Farm): 1) A compelling, character driven episode (“Clear,” aka the one where Rick, Michonne, and Carl go hunt for guns and run into Morgan (!) and also the best episode of the show since the pilot) complete with, you know, actual dialogue and interesting character interactions beyond obliterating the undead and 2) last week’s “Prey,” which did the near impossible and made me care about Andrea’s fate, as well as finally establishing The Governor and a certifiable nutjob (best touch, the whistling). The thing that both of the episodes had in common was focus, as the show didn’t jump around between the Prison and Woodbury (the former focused totally on 4 characters while the latter mostly did the same with the terrific Andrea/The Governor chase). Now that the two opposing groups are finally coming together for the big showdown, we should hopefully get more of the same over the next two weeks…

Parenting pro tip: Do NOT take your kids to a pet adoption event unless you are prepared to adopt every pet in the building or be on the receiving end of the biggest kid meltdown of the new millenia. (We went in the first place because the kids’ classes made chew toys to donate to the shelter.) Not fun…

Finally under a month to go until I’m riding the 2013 edition of the Bike MS: The Citrus Tour. Thanks again to everyone who came out to the fundraiser at Mellow Mushroom recently or who couldn’t make it but donated anyway. We raised an additional $150+ for the National MS Society and had such a good time that I thought, what the heck, let’s do another fundraiser. The next one will be Thursday, April 4 starting at 7:30 PM at Odin’s Den in Winter Park. More details to come, but save the date and hope to see you there. Come help me meet my fundraising goal of $2000 for the year. I’m so close! (just a shade under $1800 at last check) As always, you can support the cause online by clicking the DONATE! link in the upper right corner of the page (mobile or RSS readers can click here).



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  1. Spoiler Alert: Here is my take on House of Cards: 1) Completely agree about Russo’s murder. Frank would have never done that. He would have gotten someone else to do it, sure. 2) Don’t you love the Underwood marriage? It is so complex and enigmatic and twisted. 3) Zoe, Zoe. Wells Black and Janine Riding and I had a LOOOONG discussion about sweet little conniving Zoe. We do not like her very much. 4) I think the writing is superb. As well as the accurate portrayal of DC politics. And it looks like DC! Unlike Homeland, which looks like…Charlotte. 🙂 And sounds like a cheesy Lifetime movie at times. 5) I wish David Fincher had directed all the eps. His were fab. You could tell that subsequent directors did not finesse the story quite as well.

    Cannot wait for Season 2!

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