How soon is now, Pete Campbell?

Not much time for a proper post,  but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share these two gems with you.

The first is a little slice of 18 year old JLo’s idea heaven, or at least half of it. There have been a ton of clips of guitar god Johnny Marr breaking out the classic How Soon Is Now by his former band, The Smiths, during his recent solo tour of the U.S. While it’s not perfect (and borderline sacrilege for anybody but Morrissey to sing this song) I think Johnny more than holds his own on the vocals, and damn sure does better singing than Moz could do on the wicked guitar parts. This version from over the weekend in Brooklyn, however, is made all the more mind blowing the presence of original Smiths’ bassist Andy Rourke, who adds an undeniable funky awesomeness to the proceedings. Take a look/listen and savor the closest thing you are likely ever to get to a reunion of one of the seminal modern rock bands.

As the drunk, rude, overly loud guy put it during Marr’s introduction of his friend, “Andy F***ing Rourke!” Well said, sir. Well said indeed.

The other slice of fired gold I wanted to share was this entry into the Pete Campbell Hall of Infamy from Sunday’s episode of Mad Men (no spoilers, but it was all kinds of awesome):

Pete Campbell fallsThis easily takes it’s place among the pantheon of other Pete Campbell gifable moments in Mad Men history, right up there with Pete Gets Punched in the Face and Pete Gets Pwned By Trudy and Pete Runs into a post.




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  1. Have not watched MM ep yet, but that clip of him falling on constant loop is hilarious.

    • It’s a good one. Won’t spoil it except to say that it’s one of the quasi-wacky Man Men caper type show, which I do so enjoy. Plus it has an awesome Joan takedown of Don and Megan’s mom channeling her inner Lucille Bluth.

  2. No way can Julia Ormond pull off the genius that is Jessica Walter. 🙂

    • Oh just you wait and see. Just imagine if Lucille could make fun of people in French without them knowing.

      Oh, and an all-time Don Draper quote/awkward face moment: “I love puppies.”

  3. Lol. That is funny. Jon Hamm does a great confused/”wish I were anywhere but here” look.

  4. In other AMC news, my friend’s 13 yr old son met Bryan Cranston today @ the Am Hist Museum. Some science thing. So jealous.

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