I’ve discovered the secret

I’ve finally done it. After many years, I’ve discovered the secret to overwhelming traffic and a flood of comments on your website, blog, or other electronic media. So much so that I’m hesitant to mention it here for fear of swamping the WordPress servers, but I’ll take my chances. Are you ready? Here it is:

Just mention Game of Thrones.

I’ve never watched a second of this show or read a word of one of the books, but after watching everyone lose their minds about the “Red Wedding” episode a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to give it a shot. Not knowing where to start, I made an appeal on Facebook to my Game of Thrones watching/reading friends about the best way to tackle it. Within an hour, My comment thread was longer than Lindsay Lohan’s rap sheet.

GoTSo, 83 comments in something like two hours. Clearly I’m on to something here. So, Game of Thrones. Did I mention Game of Thrones? (For the record I’m starting with the books. The Game of Thrones books.)

Now I may not have seen Game of Thrones before, but I have been watching an amazing new show that you’re going to want to catch up on when it hits Netflix in the coming months or when there is an inevitable marathon in the future. Seriously, please seek it out and binge watch so when it comes back for a second season you’ll be all caught up and I’ll have somebody else to talk with about how amazing it is (and the ratings will be high enough to keep it going and reward quality).

The show just finished its first season on BBC-America and is just a whole lot of fun to watch, as well as having one of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen on TV, ever. It’s called Orphan Black and stars the amazing Tatiana Maslany, who just recently won the Critics’ Choice award for best actress in a drama series. It’s hard to give you a description of the show without giving away too much, but I was hooked from the first episode when Maslany’s character sees a young women  in obvious distress on a train platform, and realizes moments before she jumps in front of an oncoming train that this woman is her doppelganger. Maslany, desperate for money, takes the woman’s purse, and easily assumes her identity, only to find out that the deceased woman is a cop in the middle of an internal affairs investigation over the fatal shooting of an innocent woman. Oh, and she has a large amount of cash that was recently deposited in her bank account and a partner who may or may not be dirty. And that’s all just in the first episode, but Orphan Black takes this interesting initial premise and runs with it in some pretty amazing and totally unexpected directions (to give you a hint, the show is part of BBC-A’s “Supernatural Saturday,” so there’s a heavy sci-fi bent in play.)

If you’re planning on watching it, I’d caution you not to read too much about Orphan Black, if only because the surprises are so well crafted and delivered that you’d be cheating yourself by taking in too many spoilers. If there is any justice in the world though, Maslany’s win at the TCA’s will be the first of many awards she brings home over the next few months. Without her amazing performance Orphan Black could have easily sunk into insanity and parody, but, thankfully for the us and the creators, they found the perfect actress to carry the show.

So anyway, now that Game of Thrones is over, do yourself a favor and get up off the floor, stop rocking back and forth bemoaning the fate of the Starks (did I get that right?) and go seek out Orphan Black. You’ll thank me later. Now excuse me, I’m going to buy a dedicated server to handle all of the traffic headed my way.

Cheers. And Game of Thrones.


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  1. Michelle is right, Jimmy! The crossover w/Parks & Rec makes GAMES OF THRONES even more delicious. 🙂

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