Hey, help me build a playlist

Hey, let’s have some fun and build a collaborative playlist, shall we? I’m always interested in what people are listening to (and, contrary to my gruff, hipster dufus outer appearance don’t really care what it is – good music is everywhere – unless it involves Kesha). So in the spirit of exploration and learning and judging other people listening to some good tunes, I’m starting the “I’m listening to…” project, a shared playlist that anyone can listen to and add whatever music they are listening to at the moment.

So come join me in the creation of something cool, won’t you? I don’t care what genre, style or if it’s “cool” or not. Just share the best of what is currently making you dance, getting you through a hard day, accompanying you on your runs or nights out, and/or annoying your neighbors. It doesn’t have to be new, obscure, or hip, as long as you’re digging it and think others would too. Feel free to post in the comments what you added and why, or participate anonymously (and yes, I’ll accept “I thought you would hate this song” as a reason). I’ve started everything off with the five songs described in this post.

The link is below, you’ll need Spotify in some way, shape or form to participate, but you can download it for free here.

I’m listening to…

UPDATE: I’ve finally figured out how this works. To add a song to the playlist, you’ll need to subscribe to it first. Then you are free to add songs at your leisure. Thanks to those who sent me songs directly to add while we figured this out. And thanks to Shawn for being the Guinea Pig (albeit a skinny one) who helped me figure out how the collaborative functions works.

(One caveat, I’m not sure exactly how this works or if I set it up correctly. I think in theory anyone should be able to add songs to this playlist, but I may have to share it with you directly. If that’s the case let me know we’ll figure it out and I’ll edit this post as needed. It will be as if my idiocy never existed.)

My contribution to get things rolling, four relatively new songs and one from the archives.

Laura Marling – Master Hunter: This song is a  category 5 hurricane wrapped in an atom bomb of awesome, which is hard to do in the “singer/songwriter” genre. Primal, lots of energy to get you going.

The National – Graceless: Probably my favorite tune from their new album, it’s a proverbial “grower,” like seemingly all National songs and albums, as well as being wicked funny (Try “God loves everybody, don’t remind me” to knock you down a peg if you start feeling too full of yourself.)

Mikal Cronin – Shout it Out: From my record of the year so far. Best album to get you through a long day at work I’ve heard so far.

Latch – Discolsure: One word, DANCE!

The Velvet Underground – Femme Fatale: One of my favorite songs of all time. Just timeless.

(And I know what you are thinking. The answer is yes, I seriously considered naming this playlist Game of Thrones.)



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