Friday Top Ten: You’ve Got Red on You

Well, it’s been quite a week for yours truly. Long story short, had a bit of medical drama this week that required a couple of days in the hospital that scared the living **** out of me. More on all that later, but I’m doing ok now. I was perilously close, however, to subjecting you to a morbid playlist this week all about death, mortality, etc., but decided to instead dedicate a Top Ten to the opening of a movie that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, The World’s End, the finale of Edgar Wright’s and Simon Pegg’s so-called Cornetto Trilogy. In addition to being some fantastic movies, all three films feature ace soundtracks as well that play prominent roles in each. There’s enough great music across the three films for multiple killer playlists, but I’m giving you my Top Ten here, along with the handy dandy Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

Loaded – Primal Screen: One to get you out on the dance floor.  From The World’s End.

Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me) – XTC: One of the massively underated bands of our time. From Hot Fuzz.

Ghost Town – The Specials: Rather awesomely opens Shaun of the Dead. “Last orders!”

White Lines – Grandmaster Flash: One of the funniest scenes in SotD, bar none.

Step On – Happy Mondays: Trippy Manchester goodness from TWE.

Goody Two Shoes – Adam Ant: This one was all the rage when I was in middle school. From HF.

Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation: Probably the perfect SotD song.

What You Do to Me: Teenage Fanclub: My favorite track from one of my favorite albums. From TWE.

Caught By The Fuzz – Supergrass: Bring on the Fuzzzzzz! Guess which movie this one is from?

Happy Hour – The Housemartins: Love this song, love this band. Perfect song for a movie about an epic pub crawl. From TWE.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lie here on the couch and watch my own Cornetto Trilogy. (Well, at least 2/3 of one.) The finale will have to wait until this weekend.



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  1. I like Hip Hop Be Bop – man parrish.

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