Friday Top Ten: It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.

A pretty straightforward playlist and one that you may have been expecting given the events of the past week or so. As usual the Boss says things better than I could ever hope to, so here are ten songs that celebrate the line from Badlands that “it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.” (It’s cliched, yes, but at least I saved you from the morbid death and mortality playlist last week. Be thankful for small favors.)

Litany (Life Goes On) – Guadalcanal Diary: One for the 80s southern college rock days that hits close to home these days. Chocked full of unbridled joy from the opening guitar chord to the end.

Movin’ On Up – Primal Scream: It’s been a lot of fun revisiting the Scream the past few weeks thanks to their appearance on The World’s End soundtrack (have I mentioned you should see that movie enough, btw? Cause you totally should. Amazing.) Get up and dance.

Coat of Many Colors – Dolly Parton: You want a guaranteed way to make me sob like a two year old? Play this song. Wisdom, joy, and love just wound into a big ball of awesome.  Preach on, Dolly! The original minimalist anthem.

September – Earth, Wind, and Fire: You can’t listen to this song and not be happy. It’s impossible. Those horns are killer.

Badlands – Bruce Springsteen: No explanation needed, really. Read the first paragraph again if you need one.

Roll with the Changes – REO Speedwagon: Mrs. Lo suggested this one in the car the other day, and I mocked it. Until I realized that it was pretty much perfect. Point for Mrs. Lo.

A Sort of Homecoming – U2: This song screams a new beginning and the coming of fall to me. So good.

All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem: Just wears you down with its relentlessness. Best heard on a concert dance floor with a few thousand strangers.

It’s the End of the World As We Know (And I Feel Fine) – REM: If you think I haven’t been singing this repeatedly the past few days, then you don’t know me very well.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen: The ultimate celebration song (hurrah for life? death? experience? love? sex? All of the above? Yes.) There’s more life and joy (I’ve used that word like 100 times so far, sorry, but it seems right.) in that man’s voice and words than should be legally allowed.

And the handy Spotify playlist. Enjoy the day, my friends.



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  1. Guadalcanal Diary! One of my favorites. Glad you’re still with us my friend.

  2. I always love your playlists, but this one included Dolly. So you’re the coolest.

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