Friday Top Ten: Wilco will love you, baby (and a near death experience)

This morning there was something in the air that hinted for the first time that Florida’s endless summer may, in fact, not be quite so endless after all. It was, dare I say it, almost fall-like. Fall isn’t like the other seasons, it doesn’t announce itself obnoxiously like winter and summer, and it doesn’t have all of the bright and cheery overtones like spring does. Fall is muted and understated, all brown and burnt orange. If it were music, fall would be a mid-tempo rock song. And nothing says awesome mid-tempo rock song better than Wilco, the subject of today’s top ten (And there ends my rather tortured justification for linking Wilco to fall. You are welcome.)

Before I begin though, a quick story to share. I was out on my walk on this beautiful morning, trying seemingly in vain to find a plausible way to come up with a way to connect Wilco to fall, when I turned the corner and found myself face to face with the largest pack of Lululemoms I’ve ever come across in my entire life. It was like a stylish, neon nightmare, all pumpkin spiced lattes and comfortable yoga pants and perfectly manicured poodles like you only see in dog shows. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad lately, but my first thought was “they’re coming to seek a horrible revenge on me!” There was a moment of real panic there. Thankfully though, they passed right on by without incident, but I wouldn’t have blamed them had they descended on me and beat me senseless with their Propel Fitness Waters. I probably have been poking fun at them a little too much, I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a mommy blog or two out there complaining about the goofy, sweaty, tall dude with increasingly ill-fitting and unstylish clothes moving in our their turf. (Though I’m sure not as eloquently and lacking my adorable wit and overreliance on the parenthetical.) So, I pledge to you today, Lululemoms, no more jokes at your expense. Just let me live in peace and come sweat in my own little corer of your lair occasionally. I don’t ask for much.

(Well, I lied. Just one more then I swear I’m done for good. And my apologies to the person on twitter that I stole this from, I don’t remember who it was, because it is too damn funny not to share as widely as possible and I’d love to give you credit: Did you know that if you say Pumpkin Spice Latte three times in a row a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you all her favorite things about fall? That’s 100% fried gold I tell you. Gold!)

Ok, on to the playlist, some commentary included where needed, but all songs 100% awesome.

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot: A long time ago, when I was looking for name for the first of many iterations of this blog, I wanted to use some form of the opening line of this song (“I am an American aquarium drinker / I assassin down the avenue.”) A web search quickly shattered that dream, however, as I found that it had already been used, and rather awesomely, by Aquarium Drunkard. So, Fables of the Deconstruction was born. (By the way, you totally need to follow that link – just an amazing site if you like music. So, in the end all was not lost, even though I lost a potential name. The discovery was worth it.)

Wilco (the song) – Wilco (the album): Wilco by Wilco off Wilco. Wilco will love, baby.

Heavy Metal Drummer – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Via Chicago – Summerteeth: “I dreamed about killing you again last night, and it felt alright to me.” Just your average, heartfelt opening line, no?

The Late Greats – A Ghost is Born

What Light – Sky Blue Sky: This one could have been on the art playlist a few weeks ago. Makes the grade here though for sure.

A Shot in the Arm – Summerteeth: It is no coincidence that there are multiple songs from Summerteeth on here. Great, great album.

Handshake Drugs: A Ghost is Born: Sorry, Jeff Tweedy, I’ve got to punctuate and capitalize.

She’s A Jar – Summerteeth: Another happy, cheery ditty, but hands down my favorite song ever by them.

As always, here’s the playlist for your listening and subscribing pleasure, enjoyable whether or not you are drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte.



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