There’s a gaping hole in my Sunday

I sat down to write this, mainly because it’s basically habit for me to write something on Mondays about the mind blowing carnage that I witnessed the night before. And this week? Nothing. Nada. (Unless you consider the carnage that is Game of Thrones Book IV. I think it’s called The Never Ending Most Boringest Book In Existence. That’s a totally different kind of carnage though.) This is what I came up with initially when I first hit “New Post”:




I miss you terribly, quality Sunday night TV.

The bad part about is that I know who I’m going to take my bad mood about there being no Breaking Bad or Mad Men out on starting next week. Yes, I’m looking at you Walking Dead. Your like the innocent family member who gets yelled at when the surly TV dad caricature has a bad day at work. You infuriate me like no other TV show ever has, but only because you could be so much more than what you have been with just a little effort and character development. Remember how great your pilot was, and how much you made us care about Morgan and Duane before inexplicably abandoning them for 2 seasons? For what, so that the happy bunch could sit around the farm and lose track of their kids and David Morrissey could brood and people could tell us repeatedly how evil the governor is and how only Rick could lead the group (instead, you know, showing us why through their actions in a progressive and nuanced way instead of occasionally flashing an “EVIL” sign over the Governor’s head periodically)? Bad, bad choice. And hey guess what, it’s no coincidence that the best episode that you’ve done since the pilot just happened to involve Morgan. Amazing things happen when you take the time to develop characters instead of just running them through the mill.

Don’t get me wrong. I still like you Walking Dead. Just keep serving up some Darryl and Michonne awesomeness occasionally and I’ll never stray too far away. Here’s the problem though. I should love you, not like you. I am your target demographic (male, under 45, loves zombie movies). I should be singing your praises weekly instead of writing thousand of words about how disappointing you inevitably end up being despite moments of real promise. Please do better. There’s only a little bit of Mad Men left and Mr. White and company are gone forever (or at least until Aaron Paul needs some money in 10 years or so and Jesse Pinkman: Bush Pilot makes its debut). Once Mad Men is gone you’re pretty much the only thing AMC has left going for it, so raise your game. Do it for me…please? I’m going to write about you regardless and all you’ll have to comfort you are you millions or viewers and piles of money. Wait, forget I said that. Do it for the George Romero. Yeah, that’s got it. Do it for George.



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