The genesis of an idea (stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before)

Two weeks after swearing I’d never get on the highway again, I got back in a car again and drove a fairly long distance, this time to my home town in South Carolina to see some old friends and do something I figured I’d never get to do again, which is see The Connells play a live set. It was a massive amount of fun and the guys sounded great after 20 years, despite a little obvious rust. No matter though. I sang along and did my somewhat sweaty and massively awkward fanboy dance moves with as much unbridled joy as hipster dufus like myself can muster, just like it was 1989. (Needless to say time hasn’t improved my sense of rhythm one iota.)

On this trip I had the car to myself, so I didn’t have to concern myself with things like entertaining kids or stopping every 20 miles for bathroom breaks or exploring the last refuge of the damned. It was just me, some good music turned up loud and my thoughts (Well ok, most of the time it was podcasts but that seems somehow less evocative and cool. So as far as you know I was blaring Springsteen with the windows down on my 70s muscle car instead of listening to The Nerdist and WTF inside my climate controlled Honda Oh, wait. I really need to work on this inner monologue thing). Along the way, I think I managed to come up with a pretty dang exciting idea for a book, hence the title of the post.

Now, that title has a second part to it, because as many of you who have known me for a while may know, I’ve had a dozen ideas for a book over the years, none of which have come to any sort of fruition for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they weren’t really all that good of an idea in the first place. This time, however, feels different. I’ve got a broad outline of the plot and structure mapped out in my head, have many of the characters named, know exactly how it is going to start and have a pretty good idea of the ending already. In other words, I’ve gotten farther along with this idea than basically any of the others in the trash heap of my mind.

The other thing I’ve done is gone on this space, written about it, and announced it to the world (or, as I like to say, the literally 10s of you who will end up reading this) which I hope will act as a spur of sorts for me to get this thing done. I do credit the fact that I’ve been able to write more here recently for helping this idea come to life, and writing a book is something I’ve wanted to do for mot of my life after I learned to construct a sentence or two in the King’s English. I think it’s a really terrific and original idea about a disgruntled history teacher who is diagnosed with a mild neck strain and decides to cook and distribute pumpkin spiced lattés to support his family and help pay his medical bills. (What? That won’t work? Dangit.) In all seriousness, I don’t really know how to describe it to you yet other than to say that it’s set in the south and hopefully you’ll find it very funny and that it was a Garrison Keillor story if told by Chuck Klosterman after a night out with Tom Robbins and Hunter S. Thompson. And there’s lots about music. So there you go, clear as can be, right?

Anyway, I’m excited with the idea, and hopefully one day in the not so distant future you’ll be able to read it somewhere if you are so inclined, even if it is just here on this space. Wish me luck. I’m off to ride the bike and then jot down notes to try and sort out the jumble of fragments in my brain into something coherent.



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  1. Cannot wait to see the 1st draft! I believe we set a deadline of xx/xxxx.

    Your Editor

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