Beast of burden

Some random thoughts while I sit here at the Honda dealer waiting on my car (save your breath ‘I can’t believe you have your car serviced at the dealer’ people – the service was included when we bought the car) and Mr. Jagger is telling me that I’m a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty girl (hence the reason for the title of this post – yes, I’m that lazy).

I took the lad to see the new Thor movie this weekend. It was basically fine, not bad, not great. The action sequences and some snappy humor made up for the overly convoluted plot and Natalie Portman’s inability to convey any emotion other than her default “befuddled.” In the end it’s a Thor movie, so the big hammer gets thrown around a lot and Tom Hiddleston chews up scenery being charming and awesome and hilarious as Loki. I’m secure enough in my own identity to admit to having a big man crush on Mr. Hiddleston, and Sunday certainly did nothing to diminish that. (For the record and to satisfy Paula’s twitter demands, my man crushes are Hidds and Benedict Cumberbatch. What can I say, my inner id has a thing for self-effacing British actors with striking jaw lines apparently. And yes, I realize that this section sounds a lot like an Onion article. I even wrote my own fake Onion headline to accompany it – “Area Man Totally Comfortable With His Feelings About Tom Hiddleston. Totally.” I shall not hear a negative word against them, understand me? Good…)

Have you taken my advice and gotten into The Returned, yet? Holy schnikes, this is some amazing TV. It’s the Walking Dead meets Twin Peaks meets I don’t know what and is just so very good and one of the most original series I have ever seen. Get on it (Thursdays on Sundance) if that sounds appealing to you…

For the record, I have added both “Hiddleston” and “schnikes” to the spell check library this morning…

One of the more amusing aspects of living in Florida is watching people absolutely lose their minds when November rolls around and the temperature first drops into the 50s (for the low mind you) and the high fails to crack 70. We had that day recently and instead of enjoying the little bit of crispness in the air and taking reasonable measures like say, wearing socks, some folks were dressed as if they were departing Everest Base Camp in Nepal and preparing to assault the summit. (And of course it was 87 within a week of that day. Winter is coming?) We humans are funny creatures sometimes. And, not to stereotype or anything, but many of those well insulated people in question were my Lululemom nemeses. I guess if I had spent that much money on clothes that I have little hope of needing I’d break them out at the slightest provocation too, but then again I am rational and sane… (allegedly)

Speaking of Game of Thrones, I am in the midst of reading the series and have just started Book 5 (I’m about 100 pages into that behemoth). While I enjoyed books 1-3 immensely, the fourth book was an endurance test of the highest magnitude and outright torture. It must be fun to be so successful that you can create these works with characters like Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow that people really enjoy reading about and then just for the hell of it decide that you are going to make people wade through an immense and turgid volume and remove them completely. Don’t do that again, George RR. It took me longer to finish the fourth book than it did the first three volumes combined. But finish I did, despite several warnings to skim it. If nothing else, it was an effective sleep aid. Oh, I did I mention Game of Thrones?…

You may have noticed that I’ve been comparatively quiet on here lately, and I’m happy to say it is because the novel writing has been going well (knocking on soooooo many pieces of wood right now). I’ve written multiple pages (only to sit down and immediately rewrite them all the next day of course, but that is the beauty of file archiving I guess), and have filled many pages in my trusty notebook with notes and scraps of ideas, sentences, etc. I find myself thinking of lines of dialogue or bits of character development at random, so I’ve taken to carrying my notebook with me everywhere I go so that I can capture those little flashes before I forget them. Yes, I have become that guy. Sorry…

I am now blogging in a Starbucks. That sound you hear is a four alarm cliché alert sounding…

Next Monday, I will be striking one of the last entries off my music bucket list. Johnny F*****g Marr, people (That’s not me being profane – it’s his NSFW tour t-shirt, for realz. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a better one to be honest.) I’ve sent him play live once, when he was a member of Modest Mouse, and while it was amazing to see him play guitar (including playing on Fall on Me alongside Peter Buck, which nearly made me lose control of my bodily functions), what I really want to do is see him play songs that he has written, including this hopefully.

So, if you’re going to be at The Beacham in Orlando on next Monday, stop by and say hi. I’ll be the tall, goofy looking guy completely geeking out in the back, probably carrying a notebook and scribbling furiously. And possibly losing his **** completely. (As a bonus, this is a clip of the meeting of the alt college rock guitar gods that I referenced above. Enjoy the amazing Rickenbacker-ness.)



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