Friday playlist: My yearly gift to you (and a curmudgeonly rant as a bonus)

Yes, friends. The day you all wait for patiently every year has come: JLo’s yearly Christmas/holiday playlist is here, freshly updated for 2013. Our long national nightmare is over for another 12 months.

The goal is simple and unwavering: There’s lots of Christmas music, but much of it is awful, so hopefully this is one you can listen to without your ears bleeding or making you want to set the tree aflame.

Without further ado, here it is in handy Spotify playlist form.

Hopefully that brings a little joy to your holiday season.

Speaking of things that make me want to set my tree aflame, it appears that yesterday’s early “Black Thursday” retail openings were a big success, which makes me rather depressed. Just remember this in a few years when your bosses, regardless of industry, start requiring you to work on previously off-limits holidays in order to meet “customer expectations.” I hope those cheap toys and clothes were worth it. (Also, if I were a spiteful person, I’d also add that I hope you all went outside and discovered that you left your lights on and that your car batteries died and you ended up spending twice as much as you saved on a tow and a new battery, but I wouldn’t do that. JLo is all about positivity and love.)

It’s not as monumentally rant-worthy as losing our national soul for 50% off Old Navy, but yet another holiday season passes without one of my absolute favorite Christmas tunes showing up on Spotify, Mel Torme’s amazing version of Good King Wenceslas. There’s a perfectly fine Bing Crosby version on the list this year, but I always hold out hope for including The Velvet Fog. I own a copy, but would love to include it on the playlist as a standing addition, but alas no, tis not to be once again. Enjoy a live youtube version and bask in the 100% fried gold awesomeness on display.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some dying light to rage against. And some weird chocolate egg nog to drink that Mrs. Lo bought (she went waaaaay off canon on this) while we decorate the tree.



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