Lend a helping hand

It is warm today in Florida. What they call unseasonably warm. Normal high for today is around 70-72, and I think that was the low last night. I’m all for warm winters, that is after all one of the reasons I choose to live here, but pushing 90 three days before Christmas is kind of ridiculous now matter how you slice it.  Still I’ll put up with this rather than deal with freezing temps, sleet and snow. You can keep your Thomas Kindcaid snowy Christmas scenes and roasting chestnuts and all that winter nonsense.

One of the advantages of the warm winter is being able to exercise outside pretty much year round, as I was this morning when I went on my walk. I took my usual route and was soon faced with a situation where I was able to hopefully spread a little Christmas cheer and help out my fellow man, or, in this case, a couple of the neighborhood Lululemoms.

My normal route takes me around the far side of a small lake, and in a couple of spots there isn’t much room on either side of the path due to a wooded area on one side and the water on the other. I was coming around up to a small bend where the path curves back to the left and your view is blocked by the woods, when two Lululemoms ran past me, making for quite a sight in their brightly colored, sparkly gear. When they disappeared around the corner, I heard an awful racket, and saw both of them stopped in the middle of the path. I quickly the saw source of the noise, three of our neighborhood cranes just off the right side of the path, pitching and almighty fit.

You may not think that cranes are all that intimidating, but they stand around three feet tall and will raise up taller, spread their wings, and squawk something awful when threatened. Plus, since they are in close contact with people in our neighborhood all of the time (and many of those people feed them), these cranes have lost all fear of people and will get right up in your grill without fear. So, I don’t really blame these two fairly dainty ladies for being a little apprehensive about passing, especially when they were dressed like a particularly bright and sparkly pair of chew toys.

As I approached them they were engaged in a “I’m not going first, you go first” debate, which was only resolved when both of them turned to me and invited me to do the honors. Being filled with extra amounts of holiday cheer this season as well as my natural Southern gentleman instincts, I put aside my natural enmity for Lululemoms and told them to get on my left and that I would walk just ahead and run interference for them. Calling on my mainly dormant basketball skills, I approached the cranes, made myself wide, and set a perfect screen as my neon nightmares ran on with an appreciative wave of thanks. Then, in a moment worthy of Karl Malone, I executed a reverse pivot on my left leg, and completed the screen and roll by breaking free right down the lane. All I was missing was John Stockton’s bounce pass and I would have been able to score with ease (unless of course it was the NBA Finals, in which case the ball would have gone through my hands and bounced off my knee into the stands. Hah. There’s some Karl Malone/Utah Jazz related humor for the 3 people out there who get that reference.) Two points and a possible and one assured, I continued on my walk, leaving the shrieking crane gang behind.

So anyway, the moral of the story is (other than the skills learned playing fundamentally sound basketball may save your life or the life of someone you know one day) to do some nice for somebody this Christmas. Even if they are wearing bright pink compression socks covered in glitter. ‘Tis the season of giving after all.

Happy Christmas and cheers.


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