Looking for a fresh start

As many of you know, I’m riding in the Bike MS: The Citrus Tour ride this April. This makes the third year that I’ve participated, and I’m sure at this point you’re tired of me begging you for donations. Quite frankly I’m tired of asking you, but it’s a great cause that I believe in so I’m going to keep bothering you. I am, however, trying to come up with different fundraising ideas to freshening things up a bit.

This year, in addition to a straight donation (which I will of course happily accept from you via this link), I’ll give you the opportunity to make a pledge based on the number of miles that I ride between the start of 2014 and the ride. You pledge an amount, say five or ten cents a mile (but if you are feeling more generous I won’t stop you from going higher) I’ll keep track and post my training miles each week, and you can make a donation based on that total. By doing this I’ll be able to raise money to help fight MS of course, but I’ll also have some additional motivation to get on the bike and ride, which will keep things from getting stale and keep me on track.

Full disclosure, I’ve ridden 31 miles already this year (and plan on another 10-15 today), and hope to log a minimum of 50 miles each week. Some weeks will definitely be higher, especially the closer it gets to April, but you can plan on a minimum of 50 per week for approximately 16 weeks, which, thanks to some fancy arithmetic (Ok fine, I used a calculator. I was told there would be no math.), I know is about 800 total miles. If you pledge and find that you have underestimated me, I’ll be happy to cap the number of miles you’re on the hook for at a nice round number that fits into you budget. I’m a reasonable guy, I’m willing to work with you. Just make a pledge! Also, please share this page or the donation link above with your friends, neighbors or followers, and you will have my thanks and some great karma to start the new year off right. Just hit me up in the comments, via e-mail or through Facebook/Twitter if you are interested.

As always, thanks to all of you for your support, donations and encouragement. Thanks to you I’ve been able to raise over $6000 the past two years to help find a cure for MS and that is all thanks to your generosity. I’m working on a couple of different fundraising events in the coming months as well, so those of you in the Central Florida keep your eyes peeled for those. You guys rock and I’m always blown away by your generosity, kindness and willingness to help.



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