Bike MS: The Citrus Tour

Well, another year done and dusted. I had another great time this year riding in Bike MS event, riding our bikes from Bok Tower Gardens down near Lake Wales up to Orlando and then back again the next day. I will say this though: the Sunday leg back to the Gardens was the hardest of the 6 legs I’ve ridden in this event. We left a little later in the day to avoid conflict with an Iron Man event that was taking place in the same area so it was hotter than usual and there was a consistent strong headwind in our faces the entire way. Some people don’t mind wind, but being a larger than average rider I despise headwinds more than just about anything. By the time I made it to the finish and the finishing “Big Hill,” I was shot. (Editors note, I originally typo’d “shot” as another, similar word, just one letter off, that also works here.)  I finished, but just barely, and was thankful that segment was a single mile longer.

I was met at the finish line by Mrs. Lo and my favorite fellas, which is always a welcome site. I’m not one to take a lot of pictures on the way, but here’s a few, collaged into a single shot.

Some of the sights from the weekend.

Some of the sights from the weekend.

The final tally raised this year was $2861! (Technically I can still collect donations until mid-June if you have a hankering to participate still by clicking here,) but I’m done harassing you for donations this year. I’m proud to have raised this amount and am grateful to all of you for your support and encouragement. Until next year!






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  1. Mazel Tov Jlo! Proud to be your friend.

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