JLo’s beginner’s guide to the World Cup: Germany should have lost, Argentina needs more Messi magic, and some other team plays today

Just a reminder, this is another vacation edition of the WC guide, so lower your expectations accordingly. The is the best I can turn out on an iPhone before going to bed. As always, you get what you pay for from this space.

The headline says it all. Germany should have lost. All Algeria needed to do was show some more composure on a couple of great first half chances. A simple ball across the front of the goal to a player waiting to tap in at the far post would have done the trick. Instead, Algerian players twice tried to go for goal from tight angles and failed to convert. Credit to Germany’s world-class keeper Manuel Nauer for keeping Germany in the game by repeatedly coming off his line to cover for the mistakes of Germany’s rather cumbersome back four. When the match got to extra time a German victory started to feel inevitable, and in the end it took them a mere 90 seconds of the extra time to score their first goal. The say good teams find a way to win even when they don’t play well, and the Germans certainly did that today.

The positive of this Great Escape is that it pits Germany against France in the quarterfinals on Friday. We don’t really know how good France is yet, as they have had one of the easier routes to the quarterfinals possible, but the Germans will surely test their mettle. You need to find a way to set aside a good portion of your 4th of July celebrations America for the world game, because both Columbia-Brazil and Germany-France should be tremendous.

Man of the match: Manuel Nauer

Big game today, as Argentina squares off against Switzerland. It’s another chance to see Lionel Messi play, and he has been exceptional the entire tournament. I have a feeling that the Swiss are going to give Argentina all they can handle, but with Messi in this kind of form I find it hard to believe that will knock out the Argentines. It will be another tight one, but I’ll call 2-1 for La Selección.

Oh yeah, there’s another game today, right? Despite the fact that I pride myself on being rational to a fault in most endeavors, I’m highly superstitious when it comes to sports. I totally don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll just leave you with this.

Anything that Jon Hamm, Ice Cube and Abby Wambach say has to come true, right?

Ah, screw it. 2-0 to USA. USA! USA! USA!

Cheers and happy viewing.


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