The best of the 1980s mix

Phew! One decade down, so it’s time for the final, cumulative best of the decade mix. I loosened the restraints a bit on this one, so there’s no quasi-mix tape theme to limit the number of tracks. The only criteria was that the songs had to appear on a previous best of year mix and that there was only one song per artist allowed, though I kind of cheated by putting both a Joy Division and a New Order song on the list. Asking me to choose between Love Will Tear Us Apart and Ceremony though is like asking me to choose between Point Break and Roadhouse – it’s just cruel and unusual. Both are in then.

I’ve already written about each track, so just the list here, in the order they appeared in the mixes, starting from the beginning. You can revisit the whole glorious decade year by year here.

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

High Fidelity – Elvis Costello & the Attractions

Ceremony – New Order

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police

The Unguarded Moment – The Church

More Than This – Roxy Music

Save It For Later – The English Beat

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Shaking Through – R.E.M.

Crazy – Pylon

The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen

The Ghost in You – The Psychedelic Furs

Bad – U2

Raspberry Beret – Prince

The Headmaster Ritual – The Smiths

Still the Night – The Bodeans

Just Like Heaven – The Cure

Love Removal Machine – The Cult

Alex Chilton – The Replacements

What’s My Scene – Hoodoo Gurus

Gigantic  – The Pixies

Teen Age Riot – Sonic Youth

See A Little Light – Bob Mould

Hey Ladies  – The Beastie Boys

This Is The One – The Stone Roses

I’m not really into ranking, but if you put a gun to my head my head I’d probably pick Ceremony as song of the decade and Murmur as the best album. Or maybe Save It For Later and Disintegration. Or Alex Chilton and The Stone Roses. Eh, forget it. There’s too much to love here try to rank them. Here’s the Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

I may change my mind, but I’m thinking I’m going to cycle back to the 70s for the next round of mixes. Depends on what I feel like listening to when I start writing. (which, given my habits might be tonight or it might be next year sometime.)



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