The best of 1976 mix tape

1976 was one of the hardest years yet to distill down to one 60 minute mix tape. Not because it was a particularly wonderful or awful year for music, but because there really wasn’t much that stood out. I think you’ll see that on this mix, which is one of the least varied and most classic rock heavy of the bunch so far. For that reason I get the sneaking suspicion that this one would score pretty highly if I asked 100 random people in a bar to rate their favorites, but I just can’t get overly enthused about it.

Criteria for selection is here, and the rest of the 70s mixes are collected here.

Somebody to Love – Queen

Love this mix, hate it, or shrug your shoulders at it, I don’t think you can deny it is starting off strong. Killer Queen.

Crazy on You – Heart

Solid tune. Anne and Nancy were pretty excellent there for a while in the mid to late 70s.

Beat on the Brat – The Ramones

Music was about to get a lot more interesting thanks in large part to them, 2 minutes and 30 seconds at a time.

Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder

Songs in the Key of Life put the cap on one of the most amazing runs of greatness ever in music.

Detroit Rock City – KISS

Meh. The song is better than the movie at least.

Takin’ It To The Streets – The Doobie Brothers

A fine song. I still thought the Doobie’s peaked with their appearance on the Very Special Episode of What’s Happening! when Rerun got busted trying to bootleg their concert by concealing a comically oversized tape recorder within a comically oversized rain coat, the kind normally only worn by the creepiest of flashers.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – Warren Zevon

Hope you are enjoying your rest, Z.

Rock’n Me – Steve Miller

Steve Miller is the starting point guard on my “Tom Petty All Stars” team, aka musical acts that you don’t turn off when they come on the radio, but you wouldn’t never consider spending any money on (Petty, Miller, John Cougar, Journey, and Elton John are my starting five, with Eddie Money coming off the bench).

New York State of Mind – Billy Joel

Again, not my favorite thing in the world, but a pretty solid tune.

Pablo Picasso – The Modern Lovers

Now here’s a song that I do love a lot, even if I have to skip it in the car with the kids to keep them from repeating the lyrics.

Rich Girl – Hall & Oates

I think I’ve asked this question before, but is there any more bizarre and bizzare revival in entertainment than the mini-Hall & Oates one? I mean, they had some fine songs and all, and this is one of the best, but it is still puzzling to me. Then again, Matthew McConaughey is now one of the biggest and best actors in the world, so I guess anything is possible. The Manhattan Transfer eagerly await their revival if so.

Cocaine – JJ Cale

Yeah, Clapton made it famous, but JJ’s original is tops.

Cherry Bomb – The Runaways

Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, this is now my kids’ favorite song of the moment.

American Girl – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Got to give the captain his due.

Hurricane – Bob Dylan

The story of Reuben “Hurricane” Carter, falsely accused of murder when he would have been champion of the world. Only Dylan could pull off this sprawling, lyrically dense epic

Here’s the Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

Is my apathy for this one misplaced? What did I leave out? And who is on your Tom Petty All Stars?



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