The best of 2010-2013 Mix Tapes

Excuse me if I cheat just a bit on the best of… mix tape posts, but it occurred to me yesterday that I’ve already written about all of the songs on the 2011-2013 mix tapes in my year end posts for those years, so I’m taking the liberty of whittling those mixes down to fit the mix tape criteria I’ve since established, and then simply linking to the three previous posts for 2011-2013. That way I can knock out four posts in one and still keep on track and you can see the songs that didn’t make the cut. I’ve included the Spotify playlists for your convenience as well. Huzzah efficiency!

The best of 2013.

The best of 2012.

The best of 2011.

And now for the best of 2010, in more traditional fashion.

Ambling Alp – Yeasayer

I’m still not sure I know exactly what an ambling alp is, but I dig the song nonetheless.

Your Hands (Together) – The New Pornographers

I’m a sucker for this kind of ebullient power pop, especially when Neko Case is involved.

Drunk Girls – LCD Soundsystem

I really miss LCD Soundsystem. A whole lot. We’ll welcome you back with open arms any time you feel like doing it again, James Murphy.

Call Your Girl Friend – Robyn

Robyn’s Body Talk is still probably the best pop record to come out this decade.

Written in Reverse – Spoon

I’m not usually much of a Spoon guy, but I do dig this tune a lot.

Romance is Boring – Los Campesinos!

I am, however, very much a Los Campesinos! guy, unnecessary punctuation notwithstanding.

Do the Astral Plane – Flying Lotus

Cosmograma was one of my two or three favorite records from 2010 and I haven’t tired of it in the least.

Wide Eyes – Local Natives

I’ll admit to not remembering a thing about this song when I starting going through this year, but it’s a good ‘un.

Spanish Sahara – Foals

Absolutely love the way this song slowly burns and builds until they turn it loose a bit around the 4:15 mark.

Dear God 2.0 – The Roots

Further the proof that The Roots can collaborate with anyone and make it awesome.

Ready To Start – Arcade Fire

This album won a Grammy. And you know what that means.

Learned to Surf – Superchunk

I feel like Superchunk has been unfairly underrepresented on these mixes, as one too many times they’ve been among the last songs cuts. Not this time, Jack!

I Think Ur a Contra – Vampire Weekend

It’s easy to poke fun at these guys because of their image, but they have made some pretty great music along the way. This is one of my favorites.

England – The National

Maybe my favorite song from The National. It’s a great one to listen to on a stormy day or as you’re falling asleep.

So that’s a quick wrap on the first half of the 2010s. Here’s the Spotify playlist for your listening/subscribing playlist.

I’m not doing a best of the decade mix for this one since we’re only halfway through, so next up will either be the 60s of the 2000s, depending on what mood I’m in.

Which one of your favorites did I overlook? And which decade should be next?



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