The best of 2001 mix tape

I’ll admit that 2001 snuck up on me a bit. This was one of those years that I wasn’t expecting to like very much, but when all is said and done this is a pretty decent mix tape and there were more than a few decent songs that I had to cut from the list to get under the 60 minute mark. Apologies to No Doubt, R.E.M., Pink, and Destiny’s Child (no that isn’t a typo – Survivor is a pretty great song.)

Criteria for inclusion is here, and you can find the best of the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s mixes behind the links.

Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk

You know you’ve got a wicked groove laid down when Kanye eventually borrows it.

For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is) – Pete Yorn

musicforthemorningafter is one of favorite albums of the decade, and there are half a dozen tracks on the album that I could have picked here, but this one is a personal favorite.

Beautiful – India.Arie

Acoustic Soul is a great and massively under appreciated collection of original contemporary R&B, and here’s one of the best.

Photograph – Weezer

I couldn’t resist adding this one. I’m a sucker for those 50s-style backing vocals and harmonies.

Sing – Travis

Mrs. Lo was a big fan of this one back in the day. I had almost forgotten about it but it’s a good one.

Pyramid Song – Radiohead

This is a surefire one to drop on a jukebox in a bar and disappoint a lot of really drunk Bros. “Let’s get this party started, Bro! Wait…you’re playing what?”

Love You Madly – Cake

I unabashedly love this album. Madly even. No apologies or regrets.

New Slang – The Shins

I really liked this song once upon a time, before Zach Braff discovered it and invented Indie Rock with that horrifically cutesy Garden State movie. I can’t hold that against the song though.

Parallel or Together – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Love this corker of a tune.

Hotel Yorba – The White Stripes

When Jack White is dealing in these kind of raved up, blues-infected stompers, there are few who do it better.

The Face of the Earth – The Dismemberment Plan

Another album and tune that had completely dropped off my radar in recent years. Glad to rediscover it through this project.

Last Night – The Strokes

I didn’t fall quite as hard as some for the minimalist, New York revival, but this is an undeniably great song.

Silence vs. Romance – Rilo Kiley

The first in a pretty great run of contributions we’ll see from Rilo Kiley over the next half dozen years or so.

Johnny Appleseed – Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros

A gem of a tune hidden on an admittedly disappointing album.

In the Sun – Joseph Arthur

There’s some confusion over when this song was actually released in my mind. It may have been in 2000, but it WAS released in Europe in 2001, so that’s good enough for me. I love it regardless of when it was released.

Here’s the Spotify playlist for your listening/subscribing pleasure.

And hey, while you’re there, subscribe to our collaborative “I’m listening to…” playlist for 2015 and add what you’re listening to at the moment, whether it’s new or just new to you. It’s great fun and a great way to share new music with others.

Which one of your favorites did I miss?



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