The best of 2007 mix tape

If 2006 was good, and I mean really good, 2007 is pretty much more of the same. You’ve got bands like LCD Soundsystem, The National, The New Pornographers and Arcade Fire in the midst of excellent runs of releases, and future heavy hitters Bat for Lashes and St. Vincent giving a little taste of the excellence to come. Plus really good stuff from the likes Of Montreal, Spoon, Wilco, Besnard Lakes, and others, so go ahead and jump into this pool of goodness and swim a few leisurely laps.

The criteria for inclusion on the mix is here, and the rest of the best of the 2000s are here.

Black Mirror – Arcade Fire

It’s funny that Arcade Fire would eventually win a Grammy for the worst of their first three albums, but that’s how the Grammys roll. Neon Bible is a pretty great record and a heck of a follow up to Funeral.

Gronlandic Edit – Of Montreal

Songs two and three on the mix pay homage to wicked bass riffs, so sit back and enjoy the goodness of the low end, as well as the sounds of “nihilists with good imaginations”.

Trophy – Bat for Lashes

Natasha Khan ain’t scared. She’ll make the music she wants when she wants to, and look and sound amazing doing it.

Paranoia in B Major – The Avett Brothers

How’s that for a transition? This tune has all the elements of a great Avett Brothers song, soaring harmonies, a certain refined raggedness, and nary an electric instrument to be found. They should remember that formula more often.

Phantom Limb – The Shins

Not a band I generally care for all that much, but this is a pretty great song. One of the better things indie rock ever did was embrace Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys.

I Feel It All – Feist

Just a jaunty slice of pop goodness here.

You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do What You’re Told) – The White Stripes

Further Proof that song titles with a parenthetical title are generally excellent.

What Light – Wilco

Wilco at their mid-tempo best. Is it April yet?

Marry Me – St. Vincent

She’s not the full-on awesome PJ Harvey from space that she’ll eventually become, but this is a nice little taster of what Annie has in store for the world.

The Underdog – Spoon

Bands that traffic in this type power pop are never far from my playlists, especially when they come with a dose of big, soaring, Memphis-style horns.

Apartment Story – The National

I make no secret about my love for The National. I absolutely wore Boxer out when it was released, and it’s still one of my favorites, especially this track.

My Rights Vs. Yours – The New Pornographers

Another one of my favorites, which should come as no surprise if you’ve read more than 10 words that I’ve written before.

Disaster – The Besnard Lakes

See my Beach Boys comment above. This sounds like what might have come out if Miles Davis had crashed the end of the Pet Sounds/Smile sessions. Btw, if you ever doubt the greatness of Pet Sounds, just ask Macca.

All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem

I normally shy away from seven + minute tracks on these mixes, but not when they are this good.

Here’s the Spotify playlist for your listening/subscribing pleasure.

Hit me up if I overlooked one of your favorites.



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