Put the phone down, and let the boredom in

First off, before you say anything, yes, I know, I’m actually writing about something that isn’t connected to a playlist of some sort. I’m just as shocked as you are. The end times may be upon us. This happened a few weeks ago but I’m just getting around to it now, because I’m lazy like that I guess and I’ve been spending most of my free time (i.e., time not doing school work, watching kids, or riding my bike) either making the aforementioned avalanche of playlists or revisiting the glorious world of Bunk, McNulty, Stringer, Bubbles, Cutty, and Omar. (Reminder: Bunk’s suits are glorious, nobody says “po-leece” quite like Jimmy McNulty, and if you’re going to come at the king, you best not miss.)

On Thursdays I usually go over to the school and have lunch with my kids, mainly because I can and they still like to spend time with their pop on occasion, which I will consider a bonus at this stage. I was out running errands beforehand and got there earlier than usual, so I found myself with about 30 minutes to kill. I sat down at the table and naturally my first reaction is to reach into my pocket and pull out my phone, so I can pass the time playing Civilization, flipping through web pages, reading e-mail, or sadly shaking my head at clips from Sarah Palin speeches. Only, here’s the thing: I LEFT MY PHONE AT HOME.

I have 30 minutes to kill and nothing to bury face into for a distraction. What the **** am I supposed to do now?!? I thought seriously about going home to get it, but decided to let it ride, because I’m just that kind of wild and reckless thrill seeker. It was a nice day so I sat on the bench in front of school and enjoyed the sun and the passing clouds, immediately ruing all of the wicked Instagram photos that were passing me by, but I was doing ok. Then a car pulled up and I heard a clip of a song that I couldn’t quite remember, but since I didn’t have my phone I couldn’t Shazam it or Google the lyrics to find out what it was immediately. Instead, I had to go old school and actually THINK for a couple of minutes about it, and lo and behold, after about 5 minutes spinning it over in my head I figured out which song it was (I’ll Be Good To You by the Brothers Johnson, but that’s neither here nor there).

By the time boys got there, I had time to think about lot of stuff, most of mundane, some of it was even sad, but it was all pretty glorious. It was a great reminder that we’ve surrendered too much of ourselves to these stupid little devices, and it is actually possible to live, and even thrive, without them. As usual, Louis CK said all of this already much more eloquently, and was way funnier about it, so I’ll let you watch him instead of rambling on longer.

Well said, Louis. Put down the phone, turn up the radio, and sob along with Bruce Springsteen once and a while. It’s good for you.



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  1. I deleted FB last year. Best thing I have done in a long time. On Instagram, I follow National Geographic, those crazy folks who climb tall buildings, the artist who constructs gorgeous scenes of disastrous faux kerplops, Jimmy Choo…anything that brings joy & beauty into my life. On Twitter I follow (actual, serious) media sources. About a year & a half ago I stopped carrying my phone w/me when I run. Instead of listening to music blaring or a digital voice telling me how many miles I have run, I sink into my thoughts. I am so much happier than I have been in years.

  2. Amen, amen, amen!!!!!!!!

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