This is what keeps me up at night

You may have noticed that I updated the tagline to this page. It’s a quote from one of the best movie entrances of all time, when Loki makes his appearance at the beginning of The Avengers and announces that he is “burdened with glorious purpose.”

Well, tonight I am burdened with glorious purpose, my friends, because I get to share this with you.

There’s nothing quite as thrilling, but simultaneously more detrimental to your sleep, than falling down the YouTube rabbit hole and finding something that you genuinely love and haven’t seen before or saw and forgot about. Here’s mine:

If you only know R.E.M. from their later albums and the stuff that got played on the radio, and could never quite figure out what the big deal was, THIS is what the big deal was. Four dudes playing fast, loud, sweaty, and melodic, with nary a power chord, synthesizer or lyric sheet to be found. Some of these songs had just as much in common with Buddy Holly as they did any of their contemporaries, which made them eminently danceable and just a lot of fun to listen to, even if you usually couldn’t figure out what the hell the singer was saying. It was a blast trying to figure out though.

More times than I can count I was the dude toward the end loudly and awkwardly leading the “R-E-M” chant at some increasingly crowded club or venue somewhere in the South. One of the advantages of being tall for your age in those days was being able to walk confidently past doormen checking IDs at those establishments, thinking you put one over on the proverbial man. Only later did you realize that it was an all ages show and you weren’t that special to begin with, but it was more fun to pretend you were an outlaw.

(I will neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I woke up more than one member of my family dancing along with 1,000,000, Carnival of Sorts, and Moral Kiosk while playing this video.)

Have fun falling down the rabbit hole.



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