The best of 1957-59 mix tapes

One more decade. After this post that’s all I have left in the “best of” mix tape project, my own personal Mt. Everest. The pace has been noticeable slower than previous decades, I know, but such is the life of a full time graduate student turned international podcasting sensation (have said with a straight face).

No muss, no fuss with these, so let’s jump right into that sweet mix tape action.

1957 was a pretty epic year for jazz, so you’ll find names like Coltraine, Davis, Mingus, and Monk with very prominent entires on this mix. Another personal favorite was Marty Robbins A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation), which was later referenced with great effect by Jimmy Buffett’s A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Crustacean) years later. Buddy Holly makes a first appearance with his fantastic Not Fade Away, later covered by many, most notably The Rolling Stones.

You may not recognize Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blue right away (or at all) by its name, but it was one of the biggest selling singles of the decade. It gained more lasting fame when performed by Dean Martin as “Volare,” but were all about giving the props to the O.G. versions her when possible. 1958 was also notable in my book for Jackie Wilson’s sweltering Lonely Teardrops, as well as the sounds like it was recorded in another, let alone another decade, Rumble by Link Wray.

1959 closes the decade out in pretty decent fashion, with great songs from Bobby Darin, Ray Charles, and the Drifters. Also included is that man Marty Robbins again, with the song El Paso, brought back to prominence recently for featuring in and giving the name to Breaking Bad’s finale episode, Felina.

So there you have it. Six decades down, and only one to go. There is a light at this end of this tunnel after all.



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