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Say no to the orange blowhard

Ok, I swore I wasn’t going to say anything political this year because it usually just leads to no good, but extreme times call for extreme measures. It’s enough to pull me back into writing something in this space, at least.

If you are even considering voting for Donald Drumpf, just don’t. He’s a opportunistic demagogue who spouts nothing more than applause-seeking generalities, while pedaling inane fantasies like an impenetrable wall that other countries will line up to pay for and a future where Apple will make all of its products in the United States simply because of the force of his will. Are you kidding me? Does anybody actually believe these things will happen?

If you were with your children and saw somebody acting like he does on the side of the street, you’d turn around or speed across to the other sidewalk to avoid him. If you got reports from school that your child was saying half the ignorant and hateful garbage that spills from his orange, frothing lips you’d ground them until they turned 18. If you were sitting next to him at a restaurant or or in a movie theater you’d move to another seat without thinking twice about it and likely report him to the manager. He’s a ****, plain and simple (Fill in your own choice of word there.)

The true sign of a bully is somebody who cries loudest when others call them on their own BS and push back. When you taunt, insult, and condone violence in an already emotional group setting, don’t be surprised when those you pick on thinking they are low hanging fruit push back. And Drumpf isn’t the one in danger. He stands behind his security detail and turns tail when things get heated. He doesn’t give a damn about you or any of his supporters. When things get rough he’ll push you to the ground like George Costanza and step on you as he flees the smoke in the kitchen.

Now he’s whining that his First Amendment rights were violated in Chicago. Funny how the people who complain most about their First Amendment rights being violated usually understand them the least. The First Amendment protects you from the government, it doesn’t provide any protection from the legal consequences of your speech from others, as inconvenient as those may be.

Frankly, I doubt anybody in the race really deserves your vote or mine, but just about any of them would preferable to this jackass. (Though Cruz actually scares me just as much, as he’s likely to start WWIII just to hasten the rapture.) If you want to protest and shake things up, vote for the Libertarian candidate and make them a viable alternative for future elections. Write in Al Gore or Michael Bloomberg or Elizabeth Warren or Paul Ryan or anybody you want. Just don’t get played and reward the orange blowhard. Let’s at least leave the bar for entry into the White House at “he/she acts like an adult.”