Spinning in 2013: A running music catalogue

Public: What? Two posts in one day? You sometimes don’t post twice in a month? WTH?

Ok, calm down. I’m at home with a quasi-day off and am stuck inside with a youngster sporting a sinus infection in addition to his broken arm, so I’ve got time on my hands. So, if you want me to write more, get me some more free time. This work and paying bills stuff sometimes gets in the way of the things that I enjoy doing.

Anyway, a few of my friends seem interested in what new music that I’m listening to, and at my advanced age sometimes it gets hard to remember all of the things that I give a listen to, so they suggested that I publish a running playlist of that stuff so I won’t forget. I’m not one to ever say no to a making a playlist/mixtape, so the Spinning in ’13 playlist was born. I’ve basically taken everything new (or re-released) I’ve heard in 2013 and added a track to it, some of which I really enjoy and some of which….well, you can probably guess.

So anyway, if you’re at all interested, click the Spotify banner to the right of this post and subscribe to the playlist, and as I find something new I’ll add a track to the list. If nothing else it will help me keep track of some of the things that I hear and like, but that tend to get lost in the vastness of Spotify-world. Maybe you’ll find something you like and will go out and buy it. And by all means, if you hear something you think I should know about, send me a message and let me know. The discovery of the new is what it’s all about.



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